The Cow Shed

The Cow Shed is a Cornwall based Production Company with capabilities around the world. We pride oursleves in being able to deliver you local, professionalism which is on a par with the larger national production companies. The Cow Shed is home to a number of extremely talented and inspired Cows!

  • Nosey Cow is the intrigued Documentary maker. Where there's an interesting story, the nosey cow's nose is straight in there!
  • Silly Cow likes to laugh all day and create as much laughter as possible for all around, including making fun stuff for kids.
  • Noisy Cow has her very own independent record label. Maybe she could record and produce you too?!
  • You've met the cows, now lets get you mooving!

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    We will help to make the most of your ideas with our design team

    Creative Design
    We cows like to look at things slightly differently, making all our works unique and memorable

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